Silvia Gallego

Research interests

My research concerns the theoretical modeling of materials, with special emphasis on low dimensional effects, surfaces and interface phenomena. It is mostly based on density functional theory (DFT) approaches, including electronic correlations (post-DFT methods) and the spin-orbit coupling.

I am particularly interested in exploring the conditions for the emergence of magnetic properties under reduced dimensions, understanding novel phase diagrams at the nanoscale and manipulating the interface properties of heterostructures to obtain non-conventional responses.

Among the main topics I have considered so far, we can mention research on materials for spintronics (as diluted magnetic oxides, antiferromagnets or spinel ferrites), optimization of the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy at ultrathin films, and stabilization of novel phases under low dimensional conditions (surface alloys, unconventional magnets, two-dimensional confinement). You may have a look at my publications list for more details.

Keywords: theoretical condensed matter physics, atomic and electronic structure, magnetic properties, magnetic anisotropy, phase transitions, electronic correlations, p magnetism; nanostructures, surfaces, interfaces, heterostructures, defects.